Card 15/16 Mickey Owen and Paul Waner

During the 1941 season, Mickey Owen set a record for most errorless fielding chances by a catcher with 508 perfect attempts and finished with a .995 average. Ironically, Owen earned a place in baseball lore for a costly error that he committed during the ’41 World Series. The Yankees held a 2-games-to-1 lead entering Game 4 at the Dodgers’ but with 2 outs in the top of the ninth inning and the count 3-2 on the Yankee’s Tommy Henrich the Dodgers led 4-3. Henrich swung and missed at strike 3 which would have been the final out of the game, but the ball eluded Owen and Henrich made it safely to first base. The Yankees then went on to rally to score four runs in that inning and held on to win the game 7-4. Despite being best remembered for a costly error, Owen made four All Star teams and in 1942 he¬†became the first player to pinch-hit a home run in an All-Star game.

A bona fide hall of famer, Paul Waner had a career batting average of .333.  He was a four-time all star and won the 1927 MVP.

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