Card 5/6 Linus Frey and Johnny Vander Meer

Linus Frey was a good infielder who made three All Star Teams, plus he played on two world champions. Oddly, he started his career as a switch hitter, but six years into his career began batting exclusively from the left side of the plate.In 1961 Frey was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, and in 1969, as part of the franchise’s 100th anniversary, was selected the Reds all-time second baseman.

Whenever anyone says Johnny Vander Meer, the first thing anyone thinks of is that he is the only man in history to hurl back-to-back no-hitters in 1938. There was a lot more to the ballplayer than that…Vander Meer is one of only three NL pitchers since 1940 to lead the league in strikeouts in three straight seasons and he landed on four All Star Teams.  In 1952, having washed out of the majors, Vander Meer was still hanging on to the game, pitching in the Texas League for Tulsa. Fourteen years after he made history in the majors, Vander Meer no-hit Beaumont 12-0.

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