Card 13/14 Alex Kampouris and Whit Wyatt

Alex Kampouris is considered to be the first major leaguer of Greek descent. The highlight of his eight years in the majors was when he hit three home runs in one game for the Reds vs. the Phillies. On August 13, 1937, Kampouris was honored at Wrigley Field by the Chicago Hellenic Society as a visiting member of the Reds. He was given a car and praised before the game, only to commit three errors in one inning against the Cubbies that day.

John “Whit” Wyatt was a high school pitching phenom, and once struck out 23 college hitters in a game. In 1941, was credited with the Dodgers’ only win in the World Series on top of 22 wins in the regular season.  He had a reputation as a bit of a head hunter with Joe DiMaggio calling him the meanest guy he ever saw.

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