Card 1/2 Larry French and Vance Page

Because of the very nature of the small size of the Double Play images, very few of the cards have much photographic drama, but I always liked the way the crafty old Cubbie hurler Larry French gripped the ball on this card.  French, who is rated #61 of the greatest Cubs of all time by, was the only star player to leave the bright lights of baseball after serving in World War II  to pursue a career in the military. He retired after 27 years service in the Navy. French pitched seven seasons for the Cubs, posting a 95-74 record, with 21 shutouts.

French is teamed with Vance Page on this card.  Page didn’t make the majors until he was 32. The pride of Elm City, North Carolina, Page had a pretty uneventful four year career, but did get into the 1938 World Series.

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