Card 17/18 Cookie Lavagetto and Pete Reiser

Arthur Lavagetto, better known as “Cookie,” is best known as the pinch hitter who broke up Bill Bevens’ no-hittter in the 1947 World Series. He was a coach and big league manager after his career.

Pete Reiser was the very rare player (Ken Griffey, Jr is a recent variety, though not to the extent of Reiser) who just tried too damn hard. A rookie sensation in 1941, he won the NL batting title on the way to leading the Dodgers to the pennant. He ran into walls, plowed into opposing players, and generally made a wreck out of his wonderfully gifted body for the love of the game. He was carried off the field on a stretcher 11 times, which is probably a record if anyone bothers to record such things. Leo Durocher said “Pistol Pete” was as gifted as Willie Mays.  Even after his battered body could no longer hit, he retained his speed.  In 1946 he stole home a record seven times.

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