The Roanoke Regional Forum enjoyed our first successful season in 2009-2010. Our season opened with Stephen Dubner, nationally know author of the wildly successful Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics. Our second program was a panel discussion featuring executives from many of our region’s most prominent companies on the importance of globalization to the local economy. The season wrapped up with former White House economist Todd Buchholz.

The opening presentation of our second season featured CNN’s Ali Velshi. We had a lively discussion on the future of education in our region with a distinguished panel discussion for our second program of the season. The second season wrapped up with a full house enjoying a message that was both informational and inspirational from Byron Pitts of 60 Minutes.

Our 2011-2012 season kicked off with a full house to see motivational speaker and author Peter Sheahan.

Visionary entrepreneurs Ed and Katherine Walker followed Peter’s successful program up with our first sold-out event.

The 2012-2013 season kicked off to a full house with author and memory maker Josh Foer. The Fralins gave us their visionary take of the future of Western Virginia and Sherrie Harley told us how to tell anybody anything.

The 2013-2014 program opened with our biggest program ever with Lone Survivor author Marcus Luttrell captivating an audience of more than 600 with accounts of his time as a US SEAL. The winter program featured Black Dog Salvage’s Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside taking us from the scrapheap to stardom with Salvage Dawgs. The season concluded with Boston Red Sox Vice President Tim Zue sharing a moving recollection of the Boston Strong story.

The 2014-2015 season kicked off to a full house to see America’s leading crisis expert and inspiration for the hit television show Scandal Judy Smith.

In addition to stimulating programs, we enjoyed tasty light fare from Blue Ridge Catering and opportunities to network with executives and leaders.