Card 19/20 Jimmy Wasdell and Dolph Camilli

Jimmy Wasdell got around in his 11 year career playing for five different teams.  He helped the Dodgers to the 1941 NL flag and in all honesty is a fairly peculiar inclusion in the set, never being more than a part-time player prior to his appearance in the set. Wasdell got his chance to play regularly when many of the regulars were off to war. Given the chance, though against watered-down competition, he played pretty well.

Dolph Camilli had a great year in 1941 winning the NL MVP, leading the league in home runs and RBI. A powerful slugger, he held the Dodgers franchise record for career home runs from 1942 to 1953. Part of an athletic family, his brother, who boxed under the name of Frank Campbell, died of a cerebral hemorrhage after a match against Max Baer. His son Doug played in the bigs in the 1960s.

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